Volunteering as an RVN abroad - Everything you need to know
Peer Reviewed Peer-reviewed by Lucy Taylor RVN APVN (Zoo Animals)

Volunteering as an RVN abroad - Everything you need to know

Author: Sam Buss RVN CertVNECC | Added 18/08/2020 10:43

Volunteering your skills as an RVN abroad is something which sparks interest in a lot of people, however, they are often put off as they do not know where to start. This webinar shares my 10 years of volunteering and travel experience. The webinar shares: - Where to look for volunteer experiences - Different types of volunteer trips - What to avoid - What to know before you go with regards to Visas, vaccinations, etc - Claiming for your trips as CPD As well as all the other questions you have in order to build the courage to book your first trip. Disclaimer: Please note all recommendations and opinions featured in the webinar are my own.


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