Ultrasound for Veterinary Nurses - 1. Preparing the Patient for Ultrasound
Peer Reviewed Peer-reviewed by Sarah Evans RVN,Cert Ed,Cert VNECC,CertVHNut, APVN (small mammal)AFHEA, MBVNA

Ultrasound for Veterinary Nurses - 1. Preparing the Patient for Ultrasound

Author: Camilla Edwards | Added 02/08/2020 17:54

This is the first in a series of 6 webinars aimed at RVNs, SVNs (it may also be useful for veterinary surgeons who have not used ultrasound before). Each webinar lasts approximately 15 minutes, enabling you grab some learning in a lunch break and to practice what you learn before watching the next in the series. This webinar focuses on preparation of the patient for ultrasound and the outcomes you can achieve from watching this first webinar include: 1. Understanding how to prepare the client for their pet undergoing ultrasound 2. How to prepare the room, machine and equipment for an ultrasound examination 3. How to make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible throughout the ultrasound exam from the patient, nurse and the vet Enjoy - and any feedback or questions are welcome at camilla@fovu.co.uk


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Webinar series - Ultrasound for Veterinary Nurses - 1. Preparing
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