Seizure Safety: First Aid Resource
Peer Reviewed Peer-reviewed by Elliot Kneba BVetMed PGDipVCP MRCVS

Seizure Safety: First Aid Resource

Author: Lindsay Davies RVN VNCert ECC | Added 11/06/2020 09:21

This product is ONLY a *downloadable “Seizure Safety” first aid resource* for veterinary staff and in appropriate circumstances, pet owners too. This sheet is for personal and practice use, not for re-sale.

Following purchase, you will find access to the downloadable A5 handouts, A4 posters/handout and A3 Poster. Printing in A3 will be dependent on your printer model. This resource is unbranded, except for a small watermark. You can add your practice’s emergency contact number to the blank space in the centre, this is useful, should you decide to give these to clients as a first aid resource. This may also be a useful resource for your wards, reception and/or classroom.

Please also watch the short accompanying slide show. It is your responsibility to only use these sheets in accordance with the disclaimer, this resource is not an alternative to veterinary advice and may not be appropriate for all patients experiencing seizure activity.


Additional Content

Purchasing this webinar will also give you access to these files.

Pet Seizure First Aid Resource - A3 Poster.pdf
Pet Seizure First Aid Resource - A4 Poster or Handout.pdf
Pet Seizure First Aid Resource - A5 Handouts.pdf

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