Rodents in the Veterinary Hospital - Admission and Discharge Considerations
Peer Reviewed Peer-reviewed by Reece Padian RVN NCert (Anaest)

Rodents in the Veterinary Hospital - Admission and Discharge Considerations

Author: Carly Anne Tonner RVN CertVNES | Added 15/06/2020 16:05

This webinar will aim to cover or recap rodent specific, client directed questions during admission to and discharge from the veterinary hospital. Whether we are admitting a rodent for a surgical procedure, medical treatment or observation, there are key points to consider that can reduce stress and all round improve our rodent's stay. Upon signing up for this webinar you will also receive a template admission and discharge form to use in your practice, of which can be personlised with your practice logo and contact details. Grimace scales can be found at:


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Rodent Admission Form Template.docx
Rodent Discharge Form Template.docx

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