Pocket Patient Assessment for the Triage Veterinary Nurse [Downloadable Version]
Peer Reviewed Peer-reviewed by Susan Ryan BscVN CertVNECC NCert(anaesth), VTS(ECC)

Pocket Patient Assessment for the Triage Veterinary Nurse [Downloadable Version]

Author: Lindsay Davies RVN VNCert ECC | Added 08/04/2022 10:50

A quick reference, easy-to-use eBook: covering useful emergency and critical care terminology, respiratory assessment, cardiovascular assessment, neurological assessment and other red-flag signs to alert to your veterinary surgeon!

With easy to follow flow charts and tips throughout, this guide can be used as a handheld ECC assessment assistant helping you to quickly and thoroughly assess your patients for high-priority signs and symptoms.

Disclaimer: RVNs & SVNs are reminded of the RVCS Code of Conduct and should always consult a veterinary surgeon before taking any action or giving any medication. The author of this booklet does not accept any liability or responsibility for any damage caused through the use of this guide. This does not replace veterinarian advice. Information is based upon UK veterinary guidelines, if buying outside the UK you must follow your local/national veterinary guidelines and law.

For more educational resources from Lindsay Davies RVN, click here: https://www.veterinarywebinurse.com/videos/lindsay-davies-rvn 


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