Indwelling Faecal Management Systems: What, the Faecal Foley, are these?
Peer Reviewed Peer-reviewed by Susan Ryan BscVN CertVNECC NCert(anaesth), VTS(ECC)

Indwelling Faecal Management Systems: What, the Faecal Foley, are these?

Author: Lindsay Davies RVN VNCert ECC | Added 15/04/2022 09:09

The use of indwelling faecal management systems in veterinary patients to contain and re-divert diarrhoea is a somewhat novel technique. You may have heard them referred to previously as “faecal foleys”. Although novel, this technique is certainly growing in popularity. In this webinar I discuss what we know about their use based on current literature. Covering indications and contraindications for their use, how and why they are used and most importantly monitoring and preventing complications resulting from their use. How to work out patient liquid faecal outs in ML/KG/Hour is also covered. There is also an example indwelling faecal management system standard operating procedure document attached to the webinar for educational purposes. This webinar and attached resources is suitable continuous professional development for veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses and veterinary technicians. For more webinars and educational resources from Lindsay Davies RVN:


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