Creating A Behaviour Centred Practice
Peer Reviewed Peer-reviewed by Nikki McLeod BSc(Hons) ISFMCertFN & AdvCertFB RVN

Creating A Behaviour Centred Practice

Author: Elle Boden | Added 07/07/2020 08:40

In this webinar we discuss why we should care about behaviour in practice, we will look at some of the signs of stress in our patients and then look at ways we can make changes and implement these within our veterinary practice. There is also some great documents - Short Behavioural Questionnaires for cats and dogs, Dog & Cat stress scales, admission form behavioural survey and list of activities.


Additional Content

Purchasing this webinar will also give you access to these files.

Short Questionnaire - Cat Behaviour.docx
Short Questionnaire - Dog Behaviour.docx
Admission Behaviour Questionnaire.docx
Activity List for Puppy and Kitten Socialisation.docx

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