Becoming a Cat Friendly Clinic
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Becoming a Cat Friendly Clinic

Author: Joy Shutt BSc (Hons) RVN C-SQP | Added 14/09/2020 10:30

Being accredited as a Cat Friendly Clinic can bring benefits to your feline patients, cat owners, practice team and the business too. This webinar looks at why and how to complete the process, with some cat friendly tips along the way. Downloadable documents include two social media posts for your practice account, practice posters including a cat friendly consult checklist and the do's and don'ts of cat handling and finally a client handout about using cat carriers. All images used with permission of iCatCare, practice owner and cat owners.


Additional Content

Purchasing this webinar will also give you access to these files.

Cat Carrier Client Handout.pdf
Cat Friendly Consult Checklist.pdf
Do's and Don'ts of Cat Handling.pdf
Learn More About Your Cat social media post PDF version.pdf
Vet Visit Checklist social media post PDF Version.pdf

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