Avian Veterinary Nursing Care
Peer Reviewed Peer-reviewed by Caroline Blake RVN APVN

Avian Veterinary Nursing Care

Author: samantha clutterbuck CertIV VN AVN Dip.VN(Zoological sp.) (AHSZ) | Added 15/06/2020 19:16

The Avian Veterinary Nursing Care webinar covers handling, husbandry, diet, anaesthesia and recovery, pain signs, CPR and euthanasia of avian species.

Please note: All medicines, volatile agents and medical fluids (including doses, percentages and rates) mentioned in this video must be prescribed by a Veterinary Surgeon and only administered under direction of a Veterinary Surgeon. Gaining intraosseous access is an act of Veterinary Surgery and must also only be performed by a Veterinary Surgeon. All Temperatures mentioned are degrees Celsius.


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