Top 50 Veterinary Nurse Instagram Influencers of 2020

Let’s celebrate veterinary nurses…

Veterinary Nurses are the glue that holds the veterinary team together, from diagnostic imaging to monitoring general anaesthesia to providing first aid and patient TLC. Veterinary nurses have an active role in every area of the veterinary clinic and are passionate individuals on providing excellent care to their patients, i.e. your pets.

Those who have made it on this list have done so for their consistently inspirational and educational instagram posts, not just based on follower count (follower numbers correct at time of writing).

The below list is in order of followers, but these veterinary nurses and technicians deserve to be celebrated for their:

  • Passion for teaching and educating other veterinary professionals and pet owners
  • Advocating for patient and animal welfare
  • A drive to influence and nurture positive working environments and teamwork
  • Encouraging every member of this profession to reflect and endeavour to improve themselves and their team

To fill your timeline with positive, educational veterinary nursing goodness give all the mentioned names below a follow!

Let’s take a look at the Veterinary Webinurse Top 50 Registered Veterinary Nurse/Technician Instagram Influencers of 2020:


Ellen Carroza LVT The Cat Veterinary Technician

1. @Thecatlvt 110,000 Followers.

Ellen is the ultimate “catvocate”. A feline only veterinary technician, rescuing and rehabilitating the sickest kittens out there. Teaching us all that every kitten counts through her Instagram profile! Ellen is also one of the creators of the AVTCP-Feline Veterinary Technician Specialities and a task force member for the latest 2020 AAFP/AAHA Feline Vaccines guidelines. Constantly working hard to improve veterinary medicine standards for cats of all ages and backgrounds.

Find out more and support Ellen’s work at


Nathalie Travelling Vet Nurse

2. @TravellingVetNurse – 30,900 Followers.

Nathalie shares her veterinary nursing career, adventures and passions through this platform.

Another devoted catvocate, find out more and support her work at:


Shena Not Another Vet Nurse

3. @Not_another_vet_nurse – 14,800 Followers.

Shena is a veterinary technician campaigning for the improvement of self-care and mental health assistance in the veterinary industry across the globe. A “positive vibes” only account.

Shena’s list of mental health resources and support can be found here:


Lou Northway The Vet Nurse

4. @louthevetnurse - 14,400 Followers.

It would not be a complete list of Instagram veterinary nursing influencers without Lou! Lou is a wonderful veterinary nurse with a passion for emergency and critical care and anaesthesia. She is also a pioneer for reflecting and improving on practice standards and mental health and wellbeing. Encouraging veterinary nurses everywhere to find their niche and run with it!

More from Lou:


Carly Tonner Exotic Veterinary Nurse

5. @Therodentnurse – 13,100 Followers.

Carly truly is THE rodent nurse. Pumping out top tips, tricks, and full-blown educational posts on every aspect of rodent care, husbandry, and nursing. With the bonus of adorable photos of her own pets, patients and rescued and rehabilitated wildlife.

Carly is also in the process of creating veterinary nursing CPD webinars on nursing rodents, they can be found here:


Courtney Scale Anaesthesia Vet Nurse

6. @veterinaryanursethesia – 11,800 Followers.

Courtney is the anaesthesia whizz we all need in our lives. A seasoned speaker and educator, Courtney has also just been awarded the Veterinary Nursing Journal Writer of The Year Award 2020! Congratulations, Courtney!

Courtney’s independent teaching resources can be found here:


Elle Payne Neurology Vet Nurse

7. @Thepositivevetnurse – 9,845 Followers.

Elle’s profile is an abundance of positive squares. Always speaking openly about mental health and chronic illness in the profession, maintaining an open dialogue and encouraging others to speak about their difficulties and seek help and support. Elle posts ALL the patient TLC pictures and self-care posts, a beautiful and positive profile.


Meg Richards RVN

8. @Megthervn – 841 Followers.

Meg has such a passion for veterinary nursing, including superb levels of client and colleague care. She also has a lovely spaniel-based Instagram @spaniel.adventures with 8,462 followers, which definitely deserves a mention. I live vicariously through this blog, due to the dog shaped hole in my life. Total followers: 9,303.

Meg also has a library of CPD webinars and resources she has written for SVNs and RVNs, find her content here:


Shakira Free Vegan Vet Nurse

9. @Shakirafree – 8,507 Followers.

Shakira is a multi-award-winning veterinary nurse with a serious passion for animal rights advocacy. Consistently campaigning against injustices to all species, not just domesticated.

You can support Shakira’s rescue and rehabilitation work by clicking the link in her Instagram bio.


Amber LaRock Veterinary Technician

10. @Vettechandtravel – 7,794 Followers.

Amber is an all-round bright and wonderful veterinary technician. Traveling around the globe providing top veterinary nursing care to patients near and far!

Amber co-hosts a veterinary nursing podcast with Lucy (@thetravellingveterinarynurse) called “Let’s Travel Vet Med Style”. Check it out:


Wildlife vet nurse rob

11. @Wildlifenurserob - 6,669 Followers.

Rob was originally a human nurse but transitioned to veterinary nurse a few years ago. He now works on various continents caring for wildlife and advocating for their health, welfare, and conservation.

Rob is a recognised rabies educator, find his educational “World Rabies Day 2020” video here:


Alexandra Taylor The Cat Nurse

12. @Alex_the_cat_nurse – 6,116 Followers.

Alex is at the fore-front of improving feline friendly nursing and patient care in the UK. A member of the ISFM Feline Wellbeing Panel and all round catvocate. Follow Alex for super educational feline medicine and nursing posts, pictures, videos and webinars. Also, follow for the adventures of Mr. Monkey and Ninny, Alex’s beautiful Siamese babes!

Alex’s educational webinars can be found at: 

For more of Alex’s educational resources, check out:


Laura veterinary internal medicine nurse

13. @vetinternalmedicinenursing – 4,605 Followers.

Laura is super passionate and knowledgeable on all thing’s internal medicine! With a real flair for teaching, Laura regularly produces popular informative posts, blogs, videos and coming soon: webinars and courses! Watch this space...

For more learning material from Laura: