What is Veterinary Webinurse?

By dimitrios mitrakos @ 20/05/2020 00:00:00

Welcome to Veterinary Webinurse!

Veterinary Webinurse is a brand-new, innovative and easy to navigate teaching platform for Veterinary Nurses. Offering flexible solutions to many of the problems Veterinary Nurses are facing in today’s industry. We want you to feel at home here, to learn and teach to your heart’s content.

Veterinary Webinurse:

  • Is accessible and useful to a wide variety of Veterinary staff, from students to specialists.
  • Offers a varied price and subject range.
  • Provides Veterinary Professionals an open platform to share their knowledge (uploading your content is free!).
  • All clinical content is peer-reviewed, this ensures all content bought and taught is accurate, high quality and counts towards your continuous professional development (CPD) requirements.
  • Veterinary Surgeons are also encouraged to create and upload teaching content, as long as the content is aimed at providing relevant CPD for Veterinary Nurses.

Veterinary Webinurse offers an open teaching platform to Veterinary Nurses by:

  • Allowing you to keep ownership of your content.
  • Encouraging diversity - feel free to add links in your content to your own webpages, social medias, blogs, etc.
  • Encouraging creative teaching and learning - use your own branding/logos and format.
  • Giving you the power to choose and set the value of your knowledge - sell your content at your prices.
  • In turn of the above: offering a practical, on-going and realistic source of alternative income.

Have knowledge to share and an urge to teach?

How you can get involved: Make a Veterinary Webinurse account (always free). Create your teaching content your way. Upload the content via “My account” > “Submit Webinar” and click the “Submit New Webinar” button. All you do then is wait to be notified if your content has passed the peer-review stage. If it does, you will then be notified that your content has successfully gone live and is now purchasable at www.veterinarywebinurse.com/browse, under the relevant category.

Or, are you here to learn and complete CPD?

We want you to enjoy browsing everyone's content, and aim to offer real diversity in learning opportunities. To achieve this, Veterinary Webinurse has been designed to be as user friendly as possible. With every purchase you make, you can rest assured that:

  • Veterinary Webinurse will always be subscription-free CPD.
  • All content is thoroughly reviewed.
  • All content is accompanied by a personalised Veterinary Webinurse CPD certificate to add to your records.
  • You will always have online access to purchased content for future revision, or to digest in your own time.
  • The content creator is paid each time you purchase their content. This is what makes Veterinary Webinurse unique.

To browse and purchase content: simply sign in to your account and head to the “Browse Webinars” tab (or Click here: https://www.veterinarywebinurse.com/browse).

Veterinary Webinurse IS brand-new!

As a brand-new platform, content may be limited for the first few weeks. We want as many Veterinary Professionals as possible to get involved though, we all have something to share:

If you would like to get involved with making or uploading content - simply make an account and get uploading
If you require guidance or assistance with any part of this - please send an email to admin@veterinarywebinurse.com
If you would like to get involved with reviewing content - Also email admin@veterinarywebinurse.com
If you would like to give feedback on Veterinary Webinurse (including testimonials) - email feedback@veterinarywebinurse.com

Remember to read the full terms and conditions and privacy policy before using Veterinary Webinurse.

Happy Webinursing! 

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