Top 50 Veterinary Nurse Instagram Influencers of 2020

By dimitrios mitrakos @ 04/12/2020 00:00:00

Let’s celebrate veterinary nurses…

Veterinary Nurses are the glue that holds the veterinary team together, from diagnostic imaging to monitoring general anaesthesia to providing first aid and patient TLC. Veterinary nurses have an active role in every area of the veterinary clinic and are passionate individuals on providing excellent care to their patients, i.e. your pets.

Those who have made it on this list have done so for their consistently inspirational and educational instagram posts, not just based on follower count (follower numbers correct at time of writing).

The below list is in order of followers, but these veterinary nurses and technicians deserve to be celebrated for their:

  • Passion for teaching and educating other veterinary professionals and pet owners
  • Advocating for patient and animal welfare
  • A drive to influence and nurture positive working environments and teamwork
  • Encouraging every member of this profession to reflect and endeavour to improve themselves and their team

To fill your timeline with positive, educational veterinary nursing goodness give all the mentioned names below a follow!

Let’s take a look at the Veterinary Webinurse Top 50 Registered Veterinary Nurse/Technician Instagram Influencers of 2020:

Click Here to View List

veterinary webinurse top 50 veterinary nurse instagram influencers 2020

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