Introduction to Medical Maths £7.50

By dimitrios mitrakos @ 08/06/2020 00:00:00

Do you struggle with maths in practice or avoid it all together?

Want to learn but unsure where to start?

Whether you are a qualified or student Veterinary professional, start getting to grips with maths in practice here:

In this lesson, Elliot will take you through how to: work out drug doses, convert percentage solutions and units and other essential basic maths skills. All Veterinary Professionals, student or qualified, could benefit from this excellent re-cap.

“This webinar was clearly presented and easy to follow for those who feel troubled by some of the basic medical maths skills that are used in day to day practice. This is a great resource for student veterinary nurses or technicians who are learning drug calculations and concentrations or used as a refresher for qualified nurses/technicians looking to improve their basic maths skills.” – A. Curtis RVN

To find more of Elliot’s work, including his excellent podcasts, visit:

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