Frequently Asked Questions - Speakers/Content Creators

By dimitrios mitrakos @ 14/06/2020 00:00:00

Do I need a specialist certificate to upload content?

No, you only need to be a qualified and registered Veterinary Nurse, Technician or Surgeon.

What subjects can I teach about?

You can make teaching content on any category/subject you are knowledgeable and passionate about as long as it meets the standards set out in the terms and conditions and is for the purpose of, and relevant to, educating Veterinary Nurses.

The “categories” and “sub-categories” under “Browse Webinars” can be added at the content creators request. We have simply put up a few examples to get your imagination flowing!

If you would like clarification on this process or wish to request a subject/category/sub-category, please email

Please note: The Veterinary Webinurse team reserves the right to refuse to publish content or adhere to requests with no obligation to give an explanation.

Does my content need to be a webinar?

You can sell downloadable guides/files through Veterinary Webinurse, but they do need to be accompanied by a video file. This may change in a future update.

Please see the product below for an example of what type of video could accompany a downloadable guide (this example requires purchase to view):

I want to do an educational webinar; does it have to be an hour-long?

No, your lesson: your choice!

Your video can be as long or short as you like, as long at it meets the Veterinary Webinurse content standards (See: T&Cs).

We recommend you split lessons that are longer than one hour into more than one part, and upload these as individual products or part 1, 2, 3, etc. This will make the uploading process smoother, as not everyone has the quickest wi-fi and it will make your lesson more digestible to your audience.

If you would like to write a larger course (3+ hours) and upload it to Veterinary Webinurse, please email for further individual guidance.

Who picks the price of my content?

On Veterinary Webinurse your content is your content, that includes the power to choose the value of your knowledge! Your price is also not set in stone, if you would like to edit the price of one of your “active products”, please email

How much do I get paid?

On the uploading tools the price you type in is what learners pay for the final product. You receive 70% commission of the final purchase price of that individual product. The peer-reviewer of said individual product receives 5% of each purchase.

Do I get paid for uploading content?

You only get paid when a visitor to Veterinary Webinurse purchases your product/s.

When do I get paid?

Once a week at the moment, update coming soon.

If you would like to request monthly payments:

Is there a subscription?


There may be a charge to uploaders for including affiliate or third-party links, or advertising, or marketing, in their uploaded content. For more information please email

Can I do a live webinar?

Not today, but soon.

Can my webinar be free?

Veterinary Webinurse discourages speakers to give away their work for free, as, in some cases, this may devalue their knowledge and hard work. This also provides equal opportunity for content creators across the various subjects.

If you have a webinar you would like to give away for free (for example a wellness-based or OSCE practice webinar) please email following upload.

The Veterinary Webinurse administration team reserves the right to refuse this request.

What happens if I no longer want my content on Webinurse (for example: the information needs updating)?

Please email to request a product de-activation. Following de-activation, visitors who have bought this product may still be able to access the product, but no one new will be able to purchase/access it.

Can Veterinary Surgeons Upload content?

Yes, as long as the content is for teaching Veterinary Nurses and advice/recommendations are within Veterinary Nurses scope of professional conduct in the UK.

I do not live in the UK, but am a qualified Veterinary Nurse/Technician, Can I still upload content?

Yes, but all content must endeavour to follow the:

For more information on content standards, head to the Veterinary Webinurse Terms and Conditions.

I am not very confident with the uploading process; can you show me?

Absolutely, drop me an email at and we can set up an online meeting.

Further Questions?

Please refer to the T&Cs, privacy policy or if I’ve missed anything:

For peer-review related queries please email

Happy Webinursing,


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