Frequently Asked Questions - Peer-Review

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What do I need to be a peer-reviewer?

Certification in your specialist area.

Where no certification is available, we ask for a short reference from a specialist Veterinary Surgeon (in the relevant area) who you have worked with for 2 years to give a personal recommendation/confirmation of your level of specialist knowledge.

What does this role entail?

When content is submitted to Veterinary Webinurse it is standard checked and “peer-reviewed”. When content passes the basic standard check it is allocated to a specialist in that subject for a more specific review. For more information on this process, see the Veterinary Webinurse Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Does the content creator know who I am?

Only if you “ACCEPT” their work for publication, this will mean your name will appear under their work in the form of “Peer-reviewed by [your name]”.

If you “REJECT” the content, your feedback is sent to the content creator anonymously.


Further Questions?

Please refer to the T&Cs, privacy policy or if I’ve missed anything:

For peer-review related queries please email

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