Frequently Asked Questions - Learner/Visitor

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Is there a subscription?

No, only pay for what you view.

How do I pay?

PayPal or debit/credit card (and even that is powered by PayPal) – We have nothing to do with your bank details and certainly do not store them!

How long will I have access to the content I have bought?

There is no time limit.

You may only lose access if the content creator requests the product is removed from Veterinary Webinurse completely.

Can I use my CPD budget from my place of work?

That is up to your individual practice.

For receipts/proof of purchase: PayPal should automatically email you this following your completed transaction.

You receive certificates for your purchases through Veterinary Webinurse and all content is peer-reviewed. If you would like advice on setting up a “practice” account, please email for more information.

Does content viewed on Veterinary Webinurse count towards my CPD hours?

This may depend on where in the world you are registered:

UK (RCVS only) – Yes! The RCVS does not “accredit” any CPD in the UK. Please refer to the RCVS website for further information.

For other professional bodies you will have to check their individual policies. Accreditation coming soon.

You can re-access all your purchased content and certificates under “My account > “my purchases” or “hours”. Generally, 1 hour = 1 CPD/CE point, although this may vary by region/awarding body and may not count where professional bodies require specific accreditation.

How much do the speakers/content creators get paid?

70% commission of the final purchase price of their individual products – when you purchase content through Veterinary Webinurse you are actually paying other Veterinary Professionals for their time, knowledge and hard-work!

Refund policy?

No refunds.

If you have any technical issues or are unhappy in any way with the website, please email as soon as possible and we will try to help where possible.

Sales/Gift cards?

The price of the content is decided by the content creator and can be changed at their discretion.

The platform does not currently support vouchers or money off codes, due to way the payment system works. Coming in a future update.

Is Veterinary Webinurse VAT Registered?

Not at the moment, as we grow this may become necessary. Please sign up to our mailing list to receive updates on the service. If you did not opt-in at sign up, simply email "" and put "Opt-in to E-mail updates" in the subject line.

Further Questions?

Please refer to the T&Cs, privacy policy or if I’ve missed anything:

For peer-review related queries please email

Happy Webinursing,


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