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Is Veterinary Webinurse associate/affiliated with another company or specific vet practice?

No, Veterinary Webinurse is a stand-alone platform. Although, other companies/content creators are allowed to link to their websites/businesses on Veterinary Webinurse, as long as it is within content created for the purpose of teaching.

Veterinary Webinurse does not endorse any of these companies and cannot comment on the content found on third-party links.

If you would like to advertise on or sponsor content uploaded to or enter into an educational partnership with Veterinary Webinurse please send your organisation’s  enquiry to

How long has Veterinary Webinurse Been Running? was officially “launched” on the 22nd May 2020.

Will you keep visitors to Veterinary Webinurse up to date with uploaded content?

We would love to! Keep up to date with Veterinary Webinurse developments through social media: 

We will also keep you up to date via E-mail, if you opted in for this at sign up.

I did not receive a verification e-mail:

Check your spam/junk folder.

Search your email boxes for subject line “Confirm your account” or email address “”.

If you cannot find it by these means, please let us know at

Further Questions?

Please refer to the T&Cs, privacy policy or if I’ve missed anything:

For peer-review related queries please email

Happy Webinursing,


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