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Are you a veterinary professional?

With knowledge to share and a passion for teaching?

Want to use your passion to propel your career?


There are many, many highly knowledgeable and skilled veterinary professionals in this world.

Desperate to share their knowledge and improve patient care and welfare across the board. Is this you? It is!

Great, but, where on Earth do you start?

Make your own website?
Do a marketing course?
Do a website design course?
Start an educational instagram and scramble for the limelight?

No - you want a platform that does all of this for you, then your time and efforts can be fully focused on your lessons.

 The answer:

Veterinary Webinurse is a brand new CPD platform for Veterinary Professionals to teach, coach and learn through. It is a little different from many of the existing CPD platform models, this is because when you upload a webinar to Veterinary Webinurse you:

-Retain your intellectual property and earn the full recognition you deserve
-Talk about the subjects your passionate about and teach in your style
-Expand your career and improve your quality of life by creating a passive income stream

Sounds perfect?


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